Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

West Central School will be releasing its Continuous Learning Plan next week on the school website. It will be included in an email and sent out on various social media platforms as well. This plan is responsive to the current learning environment and will cover educational components that can be used as resources moving forward. The plan will provide guidance on what our continuous learning will look like, time guidelines, expectations, etc. This plan will be implemented, starting on Tuesday, April 14 and continuing through the new extension to the state school shutdown (April 30). Teachers will be using an online Learning Board on our website as an online platform. This platform will be a living document with the goal being a user friendly learning experience for distance education. Teachers will have a recorded or live session (online) with students at a minimum of once per week and a maximum of once per day. Students will then have independent activities to work on through the week. Teachers will be adding parents/guardians to these platforms as well so they can see videos, activities, lessons, assignments, communication announcements or messages, etc..

The goal of continuous learning is to observe and maintain best educational practice during times of crisis. The following items integral to West Central CSD and its educational goals:

● Prepare students for the next school year.
● Focus on essential or grade transitional standards.
● Maintain positive and collaborative relationships.
● Strive for equitable access to learning.
● Be flexible and responsive.

For those families who do not have reliable internet access, we are looking into other options and the possibility of getting alternative means of internet access in our communities. At this time, it could be using free Wifi locations to access the internet such as the West Central parking lot. This is a difficult time to process all parent/student situations, but do understand that we are hard at work trying to provide the necessary tools to continue the education of all students using distance learning. Teachers will also be having office hours each day, Tuesday through Friday, for students and parents to contact them with questions. These hours will be posted on our district website on Tuesday, April 14, along with teachers’ email addresses so that you will be able to contact them. Please remember, the focus during this time is on connection and keeping brains engaged. Do not overwhelm yourselves or your students in trying to deliver an 8 hour school day. We would like to reinforce that the learning through
this plan will NOT and should NOT look like a typical school day or school lesson in a classroom. Use this time to enjoy time together as a family, to have learning experiences together, to do physical activity together, getting outside each day to enjoy the sunshine, and to build connections with one another as a family.

Many resources can be found on our district website. This includes daily updates, information about food service, contact information for district personnel, teachers’ office hours, and how-to videos and tutorials regarding the Learning Board, and much more! Please reach out to your child’s teacher(s), your building principal, or our district superintendent for any further questions. Thank you all for all of your support, flexibility, and understanding during this unique time in human history. It is new for all of us, but we know that our staff will do whatever they can to do the best for our students and we know that we have great parents and communities behind us to support us in that as well, so thank you!
Matthew Molumby
PK-12 Principal