Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements

Wednesday, May 11th

Today’s Activities: District Golf 

THURSDAY: HS District Track @ Edgewood 4pm - leaving at 2:30 - dismiss at 2:20

FRIDAY: 8:30am Graduation rehearsal for seniors JH G Track @ Postville 4pm - leaving at 2:30 - dismiss at 2:20 JH B Track @ Clayton Ridge 4pm - leaving at 2:15 - dismiss at end of 7th hour Graduation 7pm in Klinge Gym 

  1. Student Government Applications for next year are available in the office.  Interested applicants need to return completed applications to the office TODAY.

  2. Those in Mrs Fliehler's classes, Mr OBrien's and Mr.Milder return your books during their classes. All other college books are returned to Mr. Milder with sticky note with your name - need to know who is turning books in!

  3. High school girls ages 16 and older who live in Fayette county and would be interested in running for Miss Maynard please call Sylvia Flowers for information at 563-637-2255.

  4. Westgate is searching for the next Miss Westgate. If you are high school girl age 16 or older and live in Fayette county, applicants can call Tasha Wolff for more information at 563-419-1649

  5. CONGRATULATIONS to the First Graders who had a combined total of 712 AR quizzes they took and passed for the month of March and April!! Every student earned a book to keep that was purchased with profits from the Book Fair!! Our runner-up was second grade with 209 quizzes, and their teacher got to pick out two books to keep in her classroom! Our individual winners for the month of April were: 1st - Aspyn Jensen, 2nd - Raelynn Ihde, 3rd - Ronnie Kent-Thomas, 4th - Delaney Wells, 5th - Skylar Blume!!

  6. The last day to check out books will be May 19th, and all books must be returned to the library by May 23. If there is a conflict, or an extension is needed, please see Mrs. Bunn.