West Central’s Mass Media Class under the direction of Mrs. VandeVorde has created a news team of sorts to learn the aspects of the following criteria as part of today’s 21st Century Skills/Standards:  Work appropriately and productively with others; effectively communicate; contribute as a team, collaborate effectively; gather input from others; work independently or as part of a team; consider multiple perspectives; carry out multiple tasks and projects; accept others; and follow guidelines.

The following students are actively producing a weekly broadcast that will inform you of West Central happenings and information.

Delaney Adams-Carey -- News Anchor

Isabell Eitel -- Camera/Tech

Kaylin Kent-Thomas -- Marketing Executive

Kylee Lickiss -- News Anchor

Austin Miller -- Sports

Brady Molyneux -- Information Coordinator

Cheyenne Murphy -- Personal Interest Stories

Alan Orr -- Camera/Tech

Joey Paddie -- Sports

Draco Prohaska -- Weather

Kaitlin Richards -- Personal Interest Stories

Nick Skinner -- Weather

Emma Tan -- Personal Interest Stories

Sal Uribe -- Comedy Relief/Trivia