WC Organizations
NICE: Necessities In Character Education

N.I.C.E. Pledge: As a member of the West Central N.I.C.E. team, we pledge to be responsible, cooperate with others, be a giving person, show respect and kindness to others, and to practice self-discipline and honesty at all times!


The purpose and object of the West Central Booster Club is to promote and foster interest in and good will toward all student activities of the West Central School.


A student ran, faculty supported, smoke free group that is working hard to make a difference in their community.

Several years ago, a new group was formed in Fayette County to stop young people from smoking. At the time a West Central student was struggling with a smoking related illness of a grandparent so we began the meetings. Today the West Central students have taken the lead. They hold monthly meetings, have conducted a JEL conference for 200 9th graders several times, and have done numerous street marketing projects. We take great pride in how our student body has taken charge of this organization. Be on the look out for WC students either in the paper or on the streets trying to make a difference.


West Central High School students don't just talk about character, they show it in the many activities they provide for the younger students!

  • BOOMERANG - This character education program was developed by ISU extension over ten years ago. West Central has been part of it since it's inception. High school students are trained to teach 4th and 6th grade students. The name Boomerang reflects the message of the program, "You get out of life what you put into it." "The good you do for others is eventually returned". (12-14 lessons)
  • LIFE SKILLS - West Central was chosen to implement an 8th grade decision-making program several years ago. The creator of that program, Bolvin, introduced programs for grades 3, 4, and 5. We were able to purchase these programs with Drug Free Dollars. This program is recognized as helping children develop skills that keep them drug and alcohol free. (6-8 Lessons)
  • TATU: Teens Against Tobacco Use - This program, developed by the American Lung Association, that helps teach 5th graders the facts about tobacco. (5-6 Lessons)
  • SIBLINGS BY CHOICE - A few years ago, we began a program where older students were partnered with younger students that had a need. These older students were asked to give at least one hour a week to their sibling. They could do homework, eat lunch together, or go to recess.

The West Central Foundation Trust is established to provide financial support to the West Central Community Schools in pursuit of needed educational opportunities for the children of this district.