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West Central CSD

Middle School/High School


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The game of football can play a great importance in the development of young men. Football requires young people to develop skills that will help them in life. Some of these skills are not always taught in the classroom. Young men playing at West Central will be exposed to an ideology that places a great emphasis on Team not the individual. They will be instructed in skill development, responsibilities, discipline, leadership and the importance of being appreciative. Members of the West Central football family will share the work, penalties and acclamations.


The mission of the West Central Football Team is to be the best we can be. This mission is not solely on the gridiron but in the classroom, hallways, community and society as a whole. In life we need to “Find A Way” to meet our goals.


Together Everyone Accomplishes More (TEAM). A football team is better than the sum of its parts when a common goal is shared by all. “We will always be better than me!”


According to Theodore Roosevelt, “the best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it”. It’s our belief that coaching is more than teaching football skills, it’s helping young men develop work habits, discipline and leadership skills that can last a lifetime.


“Blue Pride in Stride” reflects lofty goals that require us to continually work at being better students (academic goal), better people (service and sportsmanship goal) and better players (athletic goal). Find A Way is our commitment to not quitting when things get tough.


2023 Goals

  • Academic- No one is in violation of the IAHSAA Scholarship Rule; Academic Team Award
  • Character- Show service by helping when needed; Show sportsmanship 
  • Athletic Goals- Win our opener, Have at least a 500 season and make the play-offs



I have only one rule: Do what is right! Enough said, think before you act.


Good Conduct Policy

Any student who represents West Central High School in any of its extra-curricular or co-curricular activities is expected to lead the way in abiding by the school’s conduct code.

That code is as follows:

A. Students will not use, possess or be involved with alcoholic beverages.

B. Students will not use, possess or be involved with a controlled substance, as defined by the Code of Iowa, without a legal prescription.

C. Students will not use, possess or be involved with tobacco in any form.

D. Students will not break the laws of the community, state or federal government (except for local curfew or minor traffic violations).

E. Students will not seriously or continually violate school rules. Students removed from class due to behavior will not be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular or co-curricular activities that day.

F. Students will dress appropriately as determined by school policy and/or coaches, directors or sponsors.

Should a student break any of the above and fall under one of the following criterion, they will be considered in violation of the Code of Conduct.

A. If a student is observed by a school official or staff member in any of these activities.

B. If a student admits to law enforcement agents or school officials to being involved in any of them.

C. If a student has been referred to juvenile court.

D. If the Fayette County Sheriff Department or any county/community/state Police Forces or any other law enforcement agency assigns community service projects in lieu of referral to juvenile court.

The school’s due process procedure will be afforded to any student making such a request to the principal or his/her designee within five (5) school days of being informed of a violation of this code.

If a student is found to have committed an offense that is not consistent with the standards of conduct expected of students representing West Central School District as stated in the above policy, he or she shall be subject to the following consequences:

III. Disciplinary Ineligibility (All athletics, music/choral, cheerleaders, grades 7-12).

A. First offense: The length of ineligibility shall be one-third of the athletic contests that occur during the sports season.


Total Number of Athletic Contests per Sports Season: Number of Athletic Contests to be missed:
8 through 10; 3
11 through 16; 5
17 through 19; 6
20 through 22; 7
23 through 25; 8
26 through 28 or more; 9


If less than one-third of the athletic contests remain at the time of the violation, the ineligibility shall carry over into the next sports season in which the student-athlete participates.

B. Second offense: The length of ineligibility shall be ½ of the athletic contests that occur during the sports season.

C. Third offense: One calendar year.

D. To resume eligibility after a 2nd offense, it is mandatory that the student must be referred to a substance abuse prevention specialist (school's option) at the family’s cost (if applicable).

E. The number of athletic contests lost may be reduced by half if the student accurately discloses their participation in the alleged offense to the proper school authorities within 48 hours of the offense. The student does not have the ability to self-report their violation if it occurred on school grounds, during school activities, or while using district transportation. Proper authority is defined as the Superintendent of Schools, Pk-12 Principal, Dean of Students, Head Coach for the Sport they are participating in at the time of the infraction.

F. Students will be required to attend all practices, events, and team activities during the period of ineligibility and must end the season in good standing with their coach or advisor or the period of ineligibility carries over to the next activity the student participates in.

G. Students found in violation of the Code of Conduct may not register for a new activity after the state/district mandated start date to avoid penalty at a later time from another activity.

H. Students in multiple activities will serve their suspension concurrently. No student will participate in one activity and be suspended in another.

I. The Code of Conduct is in force 12 months a year. All violations are cumulative. July 1st through June 30 is used to determine a timeframe of a school year for this policy.

J. The Good Conduct for students will be executed by the PK-12 Principal or their designee.

IV. Disciplinary Ineligibility (Non-athletic extra-curricular and co-curricular activities).

A. First offense: The student may not participate in any non-athletic extra-curricular or co-curricular activity for a total of six (6) calendar weeks after the student admits involvement or the due process procedure has been completed.

Participation in co-curricular, non-competitive events outside the school day that are required by regular classes are permitted. If ratings, awards, etc. are given the event IS a competition and participation is not allowed. In this case, an alternate assignment where the student may earn full credit will be assigned in place of the event.

B. Second offense: The student may not participate in any non-athletic extracurricular or co-curricular activity for a total of (10) calendar weeks after the student admits involvement or the due process procedure has been completed.

Participation in co-curricular, non-competitive events outside the school day that are required by regular classes are permitted. If ratings, awards, etc. are given the event IS a competition and participation is not allowed. In this case, an alternate assignment where the student may earn full credit will be assigned in place of the event.

C. Third offense: One calendar year.

D. To resume eligibility after a 2nd offense, it is mandatory that the student must be referred to a substance abuse prevention specialist (school's option) at the family’s cost.

E. If the student admits to his or her involvement in the improper activity to school officials within 48 hours of the offense the penalty may be reduced to four (4) calendar weeks or one major event (1st Offense) or eight (8) calendar weeks or two major events (2nd Offense) whichever occurs first.

F. Students must attend practices during the period of ineligibility and must end the season in good standing with the coach or advisor.

G. If the student complies with D and E (above) and if the student is not out for a sport or activity for an extended period of time, the period of ineligibility will be 8 calendar weeks. (i.e. a student violates the code in November but does not participate in an activity until spring).

Students Removed From Activities While Participating or Observing:

Students that are removed from an activity while participating, in any capacity, will serve a one-game suspension beyond those imposed by the state governing bodies, ie IGHSAU, etc.

If a student is removed from an activity due to behavior or actions determined to be detrimental to the district, while observing the activity will be removed and not able to attend/participate in any activity, unless graded, for one activity.

Student Due Process

In the event that a student receives a “Good Conduct Violation” consequence, the student is afforded due process. After the student has been provided a letter describing the infraction, the consequence, and duration of the consequence they may appeal during the following time-frame.

From the receipt the letter at the violation meeting with parent/student they can appeal to the Superintendent of Schools within five (5) calendar days. The appeal must be in writing, and signed, being submitted to the Office by the end of business on the fifth (5) calendar day of the finding by the principal. Emails or phone calls will not suffice, as a means to request an appeal. The superintendent will have 10 school days to review the findings of the investigation and render a letter to the student and parent(s).

The student will have five (5) calendar days from the receipt of the Superintendent’s findings to submit a written letter of appeal to the School Board Secretary or designee.

The Board President will be notified and schedule a board meeting to hear the appeal, or the Board President can wait until the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

During the appeal process, the consequence for the infraction will remain in place until such time, the consequence is overturned on appeal. If the consequence is expired and have been executed, no appeal will be heard.


 “Absence and death are the same - only that in death there is no suffering.
  ~ Theodore Roosevelt 


State of Iowa Scholarship Rule

If you fail a class at the semester, you must sit out of the next activity for 30 days. Those ineligible this fall will be able to play September 15th. The entire rule can be found on the school Web page.


Team Policies

  1. Academic- The football team has established a study table in the past for all freshmen. If you need to see a teacher please utilize 9th hour. Your success is important and we do work with both students and teachers to insure this.
  2. Attendance- Everyone is expected to attend all practices, meetings and games unless excused by one of the coaches. Missing of practice can result in less playing time. Religious and Family Events are excused. But, if you miss needed practice you might play less than normal. Remember our practices are preparing us for our next game.
  3. Behavior- A football player is responsible for his behavior at all times. Any incident that discredits the school, the team, or the individual will be handled by the coaching staff. If the behavior is in violation of the good conduct code, it will be reported to the Principal and Athletic Director. If the behavior is against the law, we will report it to law enforcement. We will not tolerate Hazing or Bullying. That can lead to dismissal from the team.
  4. Care of Athletic Injuries- Just because you can’t play doesn’t mean you can’t come to practice. Learning continues whether in the drill or watching the drill. Attending practice gives us a chance to help ice etc. If you are required to do physical therapy, see the head coach or counselor about the best time. Be mindful of missed class time. Please confirm with the head coach the need to be taped or treated prior to practice and games. All heat-related illness where a player passes out will be reported through 911. A coach will be assigned to cool the athlete down and remain with him until help arrives.
  5. Concussions- Our coaching staff has completed a course on concussions. It is important if you are having uncommon headaches, dizziness, memory loss and coordination problems that you report this to your coach. Most times we are aware of when potential concussions might have occurred but sometimes they are not obvious.
  6. Detentions- Players are expected to meet classroom goals and rules. If a player receives a detention they must meet with the head coach and explain their situation. All players must make-up lost time from practice and normally it will involve physical activity.
  7. Electronic Devices- Cell phones/smart phones etc. are not to be used in the locker room or during team meetings. They are allowed on the player bus but should be used with discretion at all times. Do not tweet, post on facebook or send email about our team or make comments about other teams or their players. We will again be putting games on Hudl, do not give your access information to others without permission. In the past a district/conference school had access to all our games because of this.
  8. Employment- Many players hold a part-time job as a high school student-athlete. It is important to emphasize that you are a student first. If you have concerns balancing school, work and athletics speak to the head coach. 
  9. Equipment Care- Every player is legally equipped. It is very important that you let the coach know if you have equipment in need of repair. All washables are to go home at least weekly to be laundered. Washing practice garments is good way for you to practice your laundry skills.
  10. Lettering- A player is expected to have played in half the varsity quarters to have earned a letter. In a 8 game season that would be 16 quarters. The head coach has the authority to letter seniors who have been in the program 3 or more years and underclassmen held from competition to help the junior varsity squad (A player plays 2 quarters in the JV and 2 in the varsity game). 
  11. Locker Room- We have newer lockers. Football players will be assigned two lockers. It is important that we take care of them. No sticky signs, tape etc. are to be placed on them. All lockers have numbers on them. Please lock your locker open or closed. If you leave your lock on the floor it could end up on another player’s locker and keep them from getting their stuff. We also have had the floors redone, no football shoes in the locker room. At halftime this year, we will be meeting below the garage. Please keep the locker room clean, it reflects on us as a team and our self-discipline. Again, no electronic devices should be used in the locker room. 
  12. Profanity- It seems profanity has become more accepted in our society and in the music we listen to. Players are reminded that this is not acceptable at school and school activities and will not be tolerated. This includes the music you play in the gym and locker room. Players should wear headphones on the bus when listening to their music.
  13. Team Meals- In the past our parents, booster club and other schools have offered to provide meals for our team. Remember, it is no easy task to feed between 25 and 40 people and our cooperation is expected. Please be courteous and appreciative to our hosts.
  14. Transportation- Bus times should be posted on the school website as well in the daily announcements. Players are expected to be at school at least ten minutes prior to departure time to insure the bus will leave as scheduled. Often there will be different departure times for Varsity and the J.V. squads. All players are expected to ride to the game with the team. If a circumstance arises that requires alternative transportation, it must be cleared prior to the departure. Players who miss the bus can not drive themselves to the game and play. Following the game, players are expected to ride home on the bus. Parents are allowed to pick their students up following the game but are asked to sign the release sheet. Players can not ride home with anyone but parents unless prior arrangements have been made with the administration and the coach. Players are responsible to have all travel request completed as early as possible.
  15. Weather- The safety of student-athletes is a top priority of the West Central School District. We will follow all recommendations of the IAHSAA related to heat advisories and storm warnings. The football coach is responsible to check temperature and humidity on the practice field. We have been provided the proper gauge and chart to determine practice options. On all days where the temperature on the practice field exceeds 85 degrees the coach will notify the athletic director and principal of the practice adjustment. If a severe storm is approaching, a lightning gauge is to be used to insure proper safety of the players. If lightning is seen, players will be removed from the field and may not return until there has been no lightning activity for over thirty minutes. Rain in itself does not mean the end of practice or a game.  The coaching staff will determine when practice should end based on field conditions and safety. Game officials determine when a contest can be stopped.


Contact Information:

Email: smilder@wc.k12.ia.us

School phone: (563) 637-2283    cell (563) 422-7293


It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles , or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” 

― Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt